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For almost half of all women, sex is uncomfortable, unpleasurable and even painful. Dr. Streicher stopped by to talk about her new book "Love Sex Again," and to help women with sexual dysfunctions turn sexual agony into sexual ecstasy.
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Now that the affordable care act is the law of the land, many of us are wondering what exactly this all means. Brian Gorman, Director of Field Outreach for, stops by to explain it all.
Think you know everything there is to know about beauty? Think again! Nicole Pearl, Founder of fills us in.
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 - Provided courtesy of WLS Resources for Suicide Prevention:
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Joey Thurman Ryan's favorite personal trainer, Joey Thurman, shares some great ideas for food and fitness that will get you back on track.
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He turned the line ''Tina, you fat lard, come get some DINDr. Deborah Gilboa is back to pose the questions, "what is the media telling our children?".NER!'' into a famous phrase.
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Evan Shy of ShyFitness in Chicago Evan Shy is the founder of Shytown Fitness.
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Dr. Debi Gilboa is a parenting expert, family physician, and mother of four boys under the age of 12.
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Ryan has a very funny "2 Minute Warning" with comedian Jon Lovitz. Plus we introduce our first HOME COOK. You could get to cook your recipe on WCL! Also, Billy Dec with "What's On Dec."
She's a regular on Good Morning America, a small business champion and has now added New York Times Bestseller to the list. Her new book, "The Shift: How I Finally Lost Weight and Discovered a Happier Life".
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Dr. Laura Berman and ABC7's Roz Varon share their stories of survival. Also, a very personal story from a member of the WCL family, and how you can show your support.
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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our own Dr. Lauren Streicher gives us her advice and tells you what you need to know.
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Dr. Lauren Streicher is back! September is Menopause Awareness month, so in honor of it, we are doing a "Myth vs. Fact" quiz.
Dr. Julius Few, founder of The Few Institute, fills us in on the future of facials.
Parenting expert, family physician, author and mother of four boys under 12, Dr. Debi Gilboa, stopped by to share tips from her latest book, "Teach Respect, That's MY Kid!"